Benefits of energy-efficient kitchen appliances

‘Efficiency’ is defined as ‘the ability to do or produce something without wasting materials, time, or energy’. While any household will undoubtedly benefit from efficient kitchen appliances that not only decrease energy bills but also the amount of time and effort, and even the possibility of accidents during the everyday food preparation process, the word ‘efficiency’ becomes even more important when talking about a commercial kitchen. This is a place where high volumes of food are prepared everyday and so it is essential to decrease costs of production.

As a place of multiple electricity-run appliances, the kitchen naturally has  high energy consumption. There’s much that can be done, however, to decrease this and therefore decrease the energy bill. For example:

  • Decreasing the number of times the refrigerator is opened.
  • Covering pots and pans when cooking.
  • Heating water on the stove instead of running hot water. 
  • Not setting the refrigerator or freezer too cold and making sure the door seals are airtight. 
  • Periodically defrosting manual-defrost freezers and refrigerators (since frost buildup decreases the energy efficiency of the unit).
  • Keeping range-top burners and reflectors clean so they reflect the heat better.

But as useful as these tips can be on their own, the game-changer is always to aim for more energy-efficient appliances, especially when it comes to new models of refrigerators, stoves and dishwashers. To identify the most energy-efficient appliance the buyer only needs to look at the label. 

In addition to reducing costs, new appliances in the market come with improved designs that make the experience for the user even more energy-efficient. For example, refrigerators with smart organization features, dishwashers with versatile rack systems and wireless monitoring, and induction cooktops. Induction cooktops not only save energy but decrease the risk of burns and kitchen fires considerably.

One last tip: keeping your appliances in top-notch condition with timely maintenance and frequent cleaning will ultimately ensure their best performance and will help remove a significant chunk out of your next energy bill.


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Choosing the Right Restaurant Kitchen Ventilation System

If you are a commercial kitchen or restaurant owner, you know that keeping the ventilation system in perfect condition is not only mandatory for safety regulations but also in the best interest of your guests and employees’ health.

This involves frequent and thorough cleaning to avoid grease-clogging to ducts and fans that can later become a fire hazard. However, maintenance is not the only thing to take into account. Investing in a high-quality system – with the right type and a number of filters and proper installation carried by professionals – are the very first steps to ensure a safe and healthy working environment. This means better conditions for your employees which means better quality service for your customers, and overall a lot less investment in repairments and maintenance in the future. 

Commercial Kitchen Ventilation

A commercial kitchen’s ventilation system is a lot more than just a couple of exhaust fans. Every installation is tailored to suit the building’s dimensions and limitations, and the restaurant’s needs. 

The commercial kitchen ventilation system mainly comprises an exhaust hood, ductwork, exhaust fans and make-up air system. It is essential that all of these elements work effectively together to ensure safe exhaustion of fumes and smoke, and to allow a flow of fresh air.

Exhaust System Proper Installation

While the choice of the right ventilation system is essential, a lot can go wrong during the installation. A poorly installed ventilation system has the risk of malfunctioning, causing damage to the system’s components (leading to higher costs), clogging issues and fire hazards. That’s why it’s always advisable to leave it to a specialized company that works with:

  • Adequate equipment
  • Knowledgeable technicians
  • Appropriate techniques and protocols
  • Access to spare parts and other materials if required

Maintaining the durability and longevity of the fans depends on proper maintenance and application of adequate techniques. One of ProTech’s preferred techniques is the installation of exhaust fan hinges that allow the fan to be opened for effortless cleaning.

With this technique, there’s no damage to the system’s components during removal. Without the hinges, the fans have to be removed physically, which can lead to damages in the brackets or wall infrastructure, off-balancing of the blades and snapping of the conduits and wires of the fan.

Many factors should be taken into consideration to make the right choice. A few of the most relevant being:

  • Size of your commercial kitchen
  • Frequency of meal preparation
  • Volume of food prepared


Our skilled and experienced technicians work on all aspects of kitchen vent installation and ensure that the right size and right type of exhaust fans and hoods are used. Throughout the ventilation system installation procedure, we keep a very close eye on the details so that all components are taken care of well. Rely on ProTech Restoration to deliver the best results at reasonable prices in Houston, Texas. Contact us now!

8 reasons why vent hoods are beneficial for your business

Commercial kitchens often work with large volumes of food being prepared every day. That means lots of grease particles, smoke and fumes end up sticking to surfaces like walls, appliances and even on your own employees (affecting their health) if a ventilation system is not working appropriately. While having a vent hood at home is more of a choice, having one at your restaurant is a necessity.

Here is a list of reasons why vent hoods are beneficial for your business

1. Removes heat from the kitchen

While absorbing grease particles and smoke, a vent hood also pulls the hot air from the stove to outside the kitchen creating a much more comfortable temperature to work in for your employees. This, in turn, will allow them to work more efficiently since hot working conditions can be very fatigue-inducing. 

2. They enhance airflow and improve air quality

A vent hood keeps potentially toxic substances out of your lungs, and odors out of your kitchen. It also helps circulate the air in often the busiest room in the building, resulting in better air quality for your workers.  

3. They reduce the risk of kitchen fires

Your restaurant vent hood has a constant supply of dirty, greasy air flowing through it during all hours the kitchen is in operation. This can result in a build-up of grease which can drip onto surfaces creating a risk for hazardous outcomes such as a kitchen fire. 

4. They improve the kitchen’s hygiene

The use of an exhaust system prevents grease fumes from coating surfaces like ceilings, countertops, appliances and cabinets, which provide the perfect environment for bacteria to grow. By preventing this from happening, not only does the cleanliness of the kitchen improve, but cleaning up becomes quicker and easier. 

5. They can save money

Following NFPA 96 regulations is mandatory for any restaurant to run and having strict hygiene protocols is necessary to pass health inspections. Avoiding possible fines and closures is even more of a reason to keep your vent hood in perfect condition.

6. They provide additional lighting

Another point for effective work conditions – the lighting directly over the stove allows cooks to carefully monitor the progress of their dish and accurately tell when it is ready. Ensuring that employees have ideal conditions to work is imperative to having a restaurant running at its full capacity.

7. They add to the kitchen aesthetic

The most functional room in the building must be equally practical and visually pleasing. A well-maintained and well-designed kitchen enhances the employee’s experience and motivation to work, which more often than not, has a vent hood as the most notable decorative appliance.

8. They increase the kitchen value

A vent hood is always overlooked but it’s actually a very important element of the kitchen. It comprises the filtration system requiring ductwork of vast structural customization. Like all appliances, a high-quality and efficient vent hood increases the value of the building.

Keep your equipment safe and sound and your restaurant kitchen working in the most efficient way, install your exhaust hood system with ProTech Restoration in Houston, Texas.

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Cleaning your vent hood by yourself vs. hiring professionals: what’s best?

Vent hood cleaning is a necessary part of the overall kitchen hygiene. Whether is performed by your staff, yourself or hired professionals, a frequent, thorough cleaning in accordance with the National Fire Protection Association specifications is mandatory for numerous reasons, some of which are:

  • Neglecting the kitchen’s maintenance may incur penalties and expensive fines. It’s not only risky for your employees and guests but can also cause your license to be suspended.
  • The buildup grease in vent hoods and exhaust systems is a fire hazard. Grease fires endanger the life of staff and clients as well as cause material losses that can be very expensive.
  • Having a clean kitchen helps you save money. Like avoiding fines and even closures wasn’t enough, keeping the exhaust systems clean also increases the life of its components and saves you from buying costly replacements or making long time repairs.
  • Letting the grease build up can lead to blockages and damage to components.

So, letting the grease build up is not a very good option. The next step is to choose between doing the hard work manually or hiring a professional company to do it for you.

Here’s a list of everything you have to do if you choose to do your vent hood maintenance manually:

  • Prepare your kitchen: turn off all valves, electric appliances and clear your area of work as much as possible. This is a dirty job, so you’ll need to cover every surface with plastic sheets and be prepared to have grease spills all over the place. Be careful not to fall. You’ll also need to find degreaser products potent enough for the task, and be ready to put some elbow grease into scrubbing. Remember your personal protection equipment because these products can be very irritating.
  • Remove and clean filters: especially dirty filters must need to be left soaked overnight in water and degreaser concentrate and then scrubbed with non-abrasive pads or brushes.
  • Clean grease traps: this part can be very messy. The collected must be poured into a separate container and discarded safely. It must not be dumped into the drain –this can lead to blockages. Then every component must be scrubbed and thoroughly cleaned with degreaser solution. These traps are often very big and difficult to handle by yourself and might need to soak overnight just like the filters.
  • Clean fans and blades: removing these components need some unscrewing and patience. After you’ve done it, gently scrub them and clean them with degreaser solution. They might need soaking as well.
  • Clean all the ducts: depending on the size of your kitchen exhaust system, this might be the most tedious part of the job. Using the same degreaser solution, non-abrasive pads or brushes and without forgetting your personal protection equipment, start to scrub the inside and outside of the ducts. Duct access doors might be very helpful to complete this task.

Hours later, when everything’s finally clean and dry –and given all screws are found after this whole ordeal- you can finally reassemble the system. Hopefully, you won’t have to replace or repair any component. Remembering the exact order of reassembling might be tricky, so taking pictures or even recording the process could help a lot.

Now you can finally throw yourself into bed and rest for a week, and chances are you won’t schedule another cleaning any time soon, however you should know about the consequences of inappropriate Vent Hood Cleaning here.

What are the advantages of hiring a company like ProTech?

As an established and experienced company, we offer a range of services in Houston that include:

  • Commercial vent hood cleaning
  • Commercial restaurant equipment cleaning
  • Pressure washing
  • Commercial oven cleaning services
  • Grease trap and dumpster area cleaning
  • Duct access panel installation
  • And other facility solutions

As you see, we’re taking care of everything for you. Rest assured regarding the pricing of the commercial restaurant equipment cleaning services as we charge competitively. Save yourself the time, effort and possible mishaps in the making.

We have a long list of satisfied clients that have taken our annual maintenance programs. You don’t even have to schedule or call us for routine cleaning as we have an automatic scheduling system. However, we are always available for emergencies or specific cleaning requirements. Trust us for all types of commercial kitchen cleaning services in Houston and let our work speak for ourselves.

Consequences of inappropriate Vent Hood Cleaning

Among all the responsibilities a commercial kitchen entails, it’s easy to overlook the maintenance of the exhaust system. It requires periodic maintenance, but depending on its use, you might not look at it twice in days or even weeks. The vent hood, pipes and exhaust fans are very gradually getting a coat of grease, which represents a risk of fire that endangers the life of customers and employees and could possibly lead to very expensive material losses, all this caused by inappropriate Vent Hood Cleaning.

A grease fire can wreak havoc in a kitchen unexpectedly and without warning. If a collection of oil or grease on a stove is left unattended, or if your vent hood is not properly cleaned, it could heat up rapidly and ignite. Because grease and oil are very mobile this type of fire is exceptionally dangerous, causing the fire to spread quickly throughout the kitchen.

Astonishingly, if you try to use water to put out the fire, you will only add to the problem as water causes droplets of grease to splash and move around further. Also, because your exhaust system hood fans are drawing air out of the kitchen and up to your roof, this will also aid the fire in climbing through your duct work. Moreover, if your exhaust system[R1]  is not being cleaned regularly to NFPA (National Fire Protection Agency) 96 standards, this will speed up the fire spreading process significantly and chances are, the Fire Department will not be able to put out the fire in time to salvage your facility.

So what is the best way to prevent a grease fire and an inappropriate Vent Hood Cleaning ?

The most important thing you can do to prevent a grease fire is to train your employees to fully monitor any grease or oil that is being heated at all times and make sure all surfaces in your kitchen are free of grease, especially your vent hood and exhaust system.

According to the NFPA, inappropriate vent hood cleaning is the leading cause of fire in the kitchen. Staying by the fryer or grill is key. Heat oil slowly, as oil heats up rapidly and can burst into flames when over-heated, and always make sure other liquids or grease are not sitting close to the stove, grill, or fryer.

If a grease fire does occur, what are the best steps in putting it out?

Always have a fire drill plan in place and train employees to react immediately. Assign specific responsibilities to each of your employees. Although carefully coordinated and timely response by your employees can put out grease fires, remember that safety comes first. Never put yourself in danger and always evacuate the area if there is even the slightest doubt in mind.

  1. Remind your employees never to use water to put out a grease fire.
  2. Call 911 immediately. Do not wait to see if you can handle the fire on your own. It is always better safe than sorry.
  3. Turn off your exhaust system fans if you are able to do so. Make sure your employees are aware of how to turn them off.
  4. Attempt to smother a grease fire with a pan lid. Be careful with glass lids as they may shatter from the heat of an open flame.
  5. If the pan lid does not work, smother the fire with baking soda. It will probably take large amounts of baking soda to quench a raging fire.
  6. Use a fire extinguisher only as a last resort as they may contaminate your kitchen and food. You may find Class K fire extinguishers specially used for grease fires at commercial kitchen supply depots.

Prevention will always be the best way to avoid this terrible experience. Making sure all your kitchen surfaces are free of grease is a taxing task that is best performed by professionals. It will save you time and effort and will guarantee a flawless job.

Check out ProTech Vent Hood Cleaning services. We have over 35 years of experience in the field. Our experts will take care of all the exhaust systems with impeccable results. Stop the consecuences of inappropriate Vent Hood Cleaning, learn here why you should choose professionals for restaurant hood cleaning. Our 24/7 response team will be happy to help, just contact us.

How to Properly Clean your Kitchen’s Vent Hood

In order to be efficient, employees must be able to make the most out of their kitchen equipment. That means working with clean, well-maintained and perfectly functional appliances, which in turn means reducing to the minimum the risk of accumulated grease to become an extreme fire hazard and pass with flying colors and excellent scores every restaurant inspection.

By performing a kitchen exhaust cleaning or vent hood cleaning, the goal is to remove all the grease that has accumulated in ducts, hoods, fans and vents. How often is necessary to perform a thorough cleaning of your kitchen’s exhaust system? It depends on the type of cooking and the volume your restaurant produces, being fast-food restaurants with long hours of cooking as the ones that require the most frequent cleaning. Frequent inspections are therefore necessary to determine the right time to clean the system. Common cleaning intervals are monthly, every two months, quarterly, semiannually and annually, but it ultimately depends on usage to determine the amount of grease before it gets to accumulate and poses a threat to the employees’ safety.

Kitchen Vent Hood cleaning process

The cleaning process that we follow at ProTech is exhaustive and thorough, and it’s divided in several phases:

Preparation: All gas valves and pilot lights are shut off before we start any work. The vent hoods are wrapped in plastic and a funnel is created to allow the flow of greasy fluids into a bin. Plastic sheets are wrapped on all equipment to prevent any grease splatter during the cleaning process. Baffle filters are removed so that the exhaust ducts can be accessed. Once everything’s in place, we begin the cleaning process.

Servicing: The practices we follow in the vent hood cleaning process are outlined in the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), the organization that creates and confirms abidance of the standards for fire prevention in the United States of America.
The exhaust system components are sprayed and rinsed many times to ensure that they are thoroughly clean. Cleaning agents are sprayed on the blades of the exhaust fans so that the excess grease dissolves. These are then rinsed in hot water. The process is repeated with the ducts and other parts to ensure thorough cleaning.
Different methods of cleaning can be applied to the filters: they can be scraped, cleaned by hand using hot-water pressure washing, using a high-temperature industrial dishwasher, or soaked overnight. Food-safe caustic chemicals are used to dissolve the grease and are thoroughly rinsed out after the cleaning process. Our teams will always check the manufacturer’s recommendations of your filter to ensure proper cleaning without deterioration of its components -some cleaning agents may affect filters made with special materials, such as galvanized steel or aluminum, which in turn lead to discoloration or corrosion-.

Clean-up: Once all the components are cleansed, we ensure that the floors, countertops and other areas are also thoroughly cleaned. We dry out the equipment and reinstall every component. Our technicians will leave your facility only when everything is in order and you are satisfied with the service.

Check out ProTech Vent Hood Cleaning services. We have over 35 years of experience working with restaurants, restaurant chains, hotels ans school disctricts across the state of Texas. Our experts will take care of all the exhaust systems with impeccable results. Our 24/7 response team will be happy to help, just contact us. Hood vent cleaning in Texas now!

Choosing the Right Restaurant Kitchen Ventilation System is Important

If you are a commercial kitchen or restaurant owner, you would know what it means to keep the ventilation of the kitchen clean. It is not only mandatory to have the ventilation system in order but it is also in the best interest of your guests and your employees.

You need to have the best kitchen ventilation system to ensure that you are providing the best working atmosphere for your employees.

Mind you, the ventilation of your commercial kitchen not just means a couple of exhaust fans!

What’s a Commercial Kitchen Ventilation?

The commercial kitchen ventilation installation system mainly comprises of an exhaust hood, ductwork, exhaust fans and make-up air system. The working of these elements in harmony is essential for the safe exhaustion of fumes and smoke and the availability of fresh air.

Take Expert Advice

If you are looking for the best and the most reliable company for kitchen exhaust fan installation in Houston, trust none other than ProTech Facility Services. We are an experienced company that has been offering installation, cleaning and pressure washing services to commercial kitchen owners.

Being an established company, we understand that you might be confused regarding the choice of the exhaust fans and the associated systems for your commercial kitchens.

We can help you choose the right exhaust fan system based on the following factors:

  • Size of your commercial kitchen
  • Frequency of meal preparation
  • The volume of food prepared

Proper exhaust fan installation

While the choice of the right ventilation system is essential, you also need experts for its installation. Trust us for exhaust fan installation in Houston as we are thorough with all such systems. We use the best of the following to ensure the safety of your commercial kitchens:

  • Equipment
  • Technicians
  • Spares and parts
  • Techniques

We recommend the exhaust fan hinge kit installation Houston as it helps in maintaining the durability and longevity of the fans. The hinges allow the fan to be opened for cleaning effortlessly.

There is no damage to the components of the fan while removed. Without the hinges, the fans have to be removed physically. This can lead to the brackets or housing of the fan being damaged, the off-balancing of the blades of the fan and the snapping of the conduits and wires of the fan.

Throughout the ventilation system installation procedure, we keep a close check on the details so that all aspects are taken care of well.

Rely on us for the correct vent hood installation in your commercial kitchen be it that of a restaurant, hotel, school, office or shopping facility.

Our skilled and experienced technicians work on all aspects of kitchen vent installation and ensure that the right-sized and right type of exhaust fans and hoods are used. They recommend the appropriately sized ducts as well, to ensure the safe passage of the grease particles, smoke and other gases out of the kitchen.

Have the confidence in us to get the kitchen ventilation installation done at reasonable prices. We assure you of the best services and convenient scheduling. Contact us now!

Why Choose Professionals for Restaurant Hood Cleaning?

Owning a restaurant in Texas or any place entails a lot of responsibilities. Ensuring that every surface, appliance and utensil is clean and every step of the preparation of food follows food safety regulations is one of the most important ones. These norms are meant for the security of employees and guests, and are mandatory to stay in business. Ignoring or overlooking these norms can be costly, resulting in penalties from the pertinent authorities and expensive fines. This information about your restaurant’s safety standards can also be known by the public and tarnish the reputation of your restaurant. Therefore, a restaurant owner should spare no efforts in cleaning.  

Some areas of the kitchen prove to be more troublesome than others, such as the vent hoods. It is not only mandatory to keep the exhaust hoods clean at all times by the authorities, but it’s a trademark of good restaurant management and practices.

Why is regular kitchen hood cleaning necessary?

Preparation of food involves the release of greasy particles in the air along with smoke and vapors all over the kitchen. Over a period of time, these particles and vapors settle on the vents, hoods and other parts of the ventilation system.

Improper cleaning or cleaning after prolonged intervals can result in the blockage of the vents and hoods. This blockage will then prevent further exhaustion of the fumes released during cooking. The blockage can then lead to kitchen fires that can spread rapidly to other parts of the restaurant. The presence of inflammable materials like cooking oils, gas, furniture and upholstery can trigger and spread the fire very quickly. Regular cleaning is essential to ensure that there is no grease buildup in the vents and hoods of the kitchen ventilation system.


Why choose a professional hood cleaning service?

This task proves to be a challenge if grease has already built upon the structure, to the point it might not be enough with regular efforts to clean it up.

The best option is to choose an experienced company like ProTech to do this task for you, with results that far exceed those achievable by standard cleaning. This is possible because professional cleaning does not only have the expertise but also the equipment necessary to perfectly clean the ventilation system. 

The ProTech Restoration team is qualified and experienced. You can trust our team of well-trained and skilled technicians to assess all the details while providing cleaning services across the state of Texas.

Other reasons to choose us include:

  •     Timely services
  •     Convenient schedules
  •     Reasonable pricing
  •     Use of the latest cleaning equipment and techniques
  •     Cleaning as per the NFPA standards
  •     Provision of emergency services

Services we offer to Restaurants, Restaurant Chains, Hotels, and School Districts:

  • Kitchen exhaust vent hood cleaning
  • Kitchen equipment and floor cleaning services
  • Exhaust fan kit installation services
  • Duct access panel installation
  • Concrete deep steam pressure washing
  • Grease trap and dumpster area cleaning services
  • Grease containment system and services
  • Commercial oven cleaning services


Give us a call and let our work speak for ourselves.