2023 Trends for restaurant design

2023 Trends for restaurant design

Micro trends have made interior (restaurant) design somewhat of a difficult task because of the overwhelming number of options available in the market. However, we have pinpointed some of the top restaurant design trends of 2023 to make your restaurant functional yet...

Types of Exhaust Fans and their differences

Types of Exhaust Fans and their differences

Commercial kitchen ventilation is of utmost importance in any restaurant. It’s in charge of eliminating steam, smoke, smells and other types of waste such as grease that stem from cooking. In commercial kitchens, range hoods are large pieces of equipment composed of...

Common vent hood system problems

Common vent hood system problems

Vent hoods are just the tip of the iceberg of a more complex system composed of duct work installation, fans, a control panel, access panels and a fire suppression system. That’s why it’s easy to get caught up with several problems from different sources related to...

5 ways to improve restaurant profitability

5 ways to improve restaurant profitability

Profitability is always on the mind of restaurant owners, and there are many ways to increase it, such as a focus on infrastructure, menu, and employee training. Choose a place to start and take a look at the following tips. Optimize the prices of the plates The first...

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8 reasons why vent hoods are beneficial for your business

Commercial kitchens often work with large volumes of food being prepared every day. That means lots of grease particles, smoke and fumes end up sticking to surfaces like walls, appliances and even on your own employees (affecting their health) if a ventilation system is not working appropriately. While having a vent hood at home is more of a choice, having one at your restaurant is a necessity.

Here is a list of reasons why vent hoods are beneficial for your business

1. Removes heat from the kitchen

While absorbing grease particles and smoke, a vent hood also pulls the hot air from the stove to outside the kitchen creating a much more comfortable temperature to work in for your employees. This, in turn, will allow them to work more efficiently since hot working conditions can be very fatigue-inducing. 

2. They enhance airflow and improve air quality

A vent hood keeps potentially toxic substances out of your lungs, and odors out of your kitchen. It also helps circulate the air in often the busiest room in the building, resulting in better air quality for your workers.  

3. They reduce the risk of kitchen fires

Your restaurant vent hood has a constant supply of dirty, greasy air flowing through it during all hours the kitchen is in operation. This can result in a build-up of grease which can drip onto surfaces creating a risk for hazardous outcomes such as a kitchen fire. 

4. They improve the kitchen’s hygiene

The use of an exhaust system prevents grease fumes from coating surfaces like ceilings, countertops, appliances and cabinets, which provide the perfect environment for bacteria to grow. By preventing this from happening, not only does the cleanliness of the kitchen improve, but cleaning up becomes quicker and easier. 

5. They can save money

Following NFPA 96 regulations is mandatory for any restaurant to run and having strict hygiene protocols is necessary to pass health inspections. Avoiding possible fines and closures is even more of a reason to keep your vent hood in perfect condition.

6. They provide additional lighting

Another point for effective work conditions – the lighting directly over the stove allows cooks to carefully monitor the progress of their dish and accurately tell when it is ready. Ensuring that employees have ideal conditions to work is imperative to having a restaurant running at its full capacity.

7. They add to the kitchen aesthetic

The most functional room in the building must be equally practical and visually pleasing. A well-maintained and well-designed kitchen enhances the employee’s experience and motivation to work, which more often than not, has a vent hood as the most notable decorative appliance.

8. They increase the kitchen value

A vent hood is always overlooked but it’s actually a very important element of the kitchen. It comprises the filtration system requiring ductwork of vast structural customization. Like all appliances, a high-quality and efficient vent hood increases the value of the building.

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