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The most common kitchen range hood problems and solutions

The most common kitchen range hood problems and solutions

Certain items in restaurant kitchens can be more troublesome than others. One such item is the vent hood. These tend to be problematic because of potential fire hazards that can happen due to a build-up of grease if they are not regularly and thoroughly cleaned. It’s not only mandatory to keep the exhaust hoods clean at all times by the authorities, but it’s a trademark of good restaurant management and practices.

Below is a list of other possible issues that may arise with vent hoods as well as suggestions on how to tackle them.

The fan stops working

If your vent hood’s fan doesn’t work, there are two possible reasons that may be causing its malfunctioning. On the one hand, the switch may not work. Secondly, the fan motor may have burned out. Either way, it’s important you hire experienced personnel to perform a fan removal or a change of switch.

The light on the range hood won’t turn on

The range hood’s light tells you whether the vent hood is on or off. If it’s not working, it may just be a burned out light bulb. However, it may indicate something else is going wrong. 

A defective light bulb may be indicating the light switch or light socket is not working. If the problem is the light socket, you can purchase one yourself and replace it. But if you’re not sure, once again you’ll need professional to inspect and find what the problem is. 

There’s no power in the vent hood

Vent hoods are either directly wired into your kitchen’s power supply, or they are simply plugged into the wall. When your light and fan doesn’t turn on, the simplest solution is usually the right one. In this case, checking to see if a fuse has blown is your best bet.

Now that we know what can occur, let’s go over some possible solutions

Schedule Regular cleaning

Preparation of food involves the release of greasy particles in the air along with smoke and vapors. Over a period of time, these particles and vapors settle on the vents, hoods and other parts of the ventilation system.

Improper cleaning or cleaning after prolonged intervals can result in the blockage of the vents and hoods. This blockage will then prevent further exhaustion of the fumes released during cooking. The blockage can then lead to kitchen fires that can spread rapidly to other parts of the restaurant. The presence of inflammable materials like cooking oils, gas, furniture and upholstery can trigger and spread the fire very quickly. Regular cleaning is essential to ensure that there is no grease buildup in the vents and hoods of the kitchen ventilation system.

Suction Test

Amongst all the responsibilities that having a commercial kitchen entails, it’s easy to overlook the maintenance of the exhaust system. It requires periodic maintenance, but depending on its use, you might not look at it twice in days or even weeks. The vent hood, pipes and exhaust fans get a coat of grease gradually. This means there’s a risk of fire that endangers the life of customers and employees and could possibly lead to very expensive material losses.

In order to keep your vent hood in check, you can teach your employees to regularly inspect the vent hood to test its effectiveness and get an idea as to how much grease has built up. A suction test is an easy way to check that the air outlet at the top of the cooker hood is working as it should. And it’s quite simple: you just have to grab a piece of paper and hold up the grease filter grill found on the underside of the cooker hood. If the air is not going through the filter, then it’s time for a clean.

If you want to be sure everything is running smoothly you can also contract an experienced professional to conduct regular maintenance to your vent hood. 

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