How to organize a commercial kitchen

How to organize a commercial kitchen

Any commercial kitchen should be simple, efficient and easy to manage with flexibility. Good organization is one of the key foundations for any commercial kitchen to run smoothly and make your profits go up. After you have purchased your kitchen equipment - your first...

The commercial kitchen safety checklist

The commercial kitchen safety checklist

Cooking is fun and dangerous. There are so many Final Destination-like scenarios that can go down in a kitchen. That’s why it is important that you, whether you are a restaurant manager or owner, prevent any potential hazards from occurring. Here is the ultimate...

energy efficient restaurant

Top energy conservation tips for Restaurants

Electricity is one of the most consuming expenses for any kind of commercial business. Keeping tabs on your energy usage it is not only good for your restaurant and employees, but also good for the environment. So, here are some tips to improve your revenues and limit your expenses, by reducing your restaurant’s energy consumption levels.

Tip 1: Use Energy Efficient Equipment

Restaurant and commercial equipment tend to consume a high level of energy. That’s why it’s important to choose highly efficient and eco-friendly machinery and cooking utensils such as:

  1. Fryers: An energy-efficent fryer will save you money on utilities, but also enable you to save on fryer oil, as well. There are new fryer models out in the maket, which extend your fryer’s oil duration.
  2. Dishwashing machines: A top-notch dishwasher is generally more energy-efficient than washing dishes by hand. A useful energy and water saving tip is to wash only full loads.
  3. Induction cooktops: These are the most efficient-style of hob and just as good as gas.
  4. LED light bulbs: LED light bulbs use less energy than incandescent bulbs and last longer. According to the US Department of Energy, they use 75% less than incandescent ones and last up to 25 times longer. Consequently, you’ll be consuming around $30 for 25.000 hours of LED light bulb usage versus around $170 in case you use incandescent bulbs.

Tip 2: Train Staff to Follow Energy-Efficient Protocols

Besides buying energy-efficient equipment, you also need your employees to know how to efficiently operate your kitchen equipment. Here are some tips for you to guide your team:

Building an energy saving protocol ensures your employees have a guideline on how to successfully reduce energy consumption whilst using any cooking equipment. You can also have training sessions or organize one with the companies that sell kitchen utensils. Oftentimes, they offer training courses for free. Lastly, posting reminders on every single piece of equipment is a great way to help your employees on how to accurately manipulate them.

Tip 3: Perform Equipment Maintenance

Anything, whether it’s a car or your cooking appliances, needs constant maintenance for long endurance. Regular cleaning is a way of extending your equipment’s life duration and a way to increase your energy savings, as well as expenses, as it will prevent you from changing them regularly. 

This tip applies to any kitchen item. However, there are some items in your kitchen that need special care. Refrigerators, for instance, have condenser coils that get clogged with dust over time preventing the refrigerator from expelling heat. The same thing happens with water filters, which tend to clogg to do mineral deposits within the system. Vent hoods are a another kitchen element that needs regular cleaning, so as to reduce energy, but also reduce risk of fires. Fat particles clog the filter fabric and make it difficult to clear the air. Regular cleaning makes the filter permeable, making it use less energy.

Contract cleaning services can help you do a deep overall kitchen cleansing. Here at Protech, we have over 35 years of experience in this field, and can perform this task for you with results that far exceed those achievable by standard cleaning companies. 

We can provide you with any assistance you may need. Contact our service team, we will be happy to help!