Top energy conservation tips for Restaurants

Top energy conservation tips for Restaurants

Electricity is one of the most consuming expenses for any kind of commercial business. Keeping tabs on your energy usage it is not only good for your restaurant and employees, but also good for the environment. So, here are some tips to improve your revenues and limit...

how to maintain a well-maintained commercial vent hood

Why customers and kitchen staff will appreciate a well-maintained vent hood

Among all the responsibilities a commercial kitchen entails, it’s easy to overlook the maintenance of the exhaust system. It requires periodic maintenance, but depending on its use, you might not look at it twice in days or even weeks. 

The consequences of dirty indoor air may vary depending on the type of particle that’s being released and can cause a variety of health problems. Preparation of food involves the release of greasy particles in the air along with smoke and vapors. Over a period of time, these particles and vapors settle on the vents, hoods and other parts of the ventilation system. This can lead to unpleasant consequences such as mold growth. While some individuals may not develop any reactions to mold spores, a lot of people experience symptoms ranging from relatively minor allergic responses to severe reactions and health complications that may endanger their life.

Furthermore, this coat of grease that gradually settles over exhaust fans represents a risk of fire that endangers the life of customers and employees and could possibly lead to very expensive material losses. Improper cleaning or cleaning after prolonged intervals can result in the blockage of the vents and hoods. This blockage will then prevent further exhaustion of the fumes released during cooking. The blockage can then lead to kitchen fires that can spread rapidly to other parts of the restaurant. The presence of inflammable materials like cooking oils, gas, furniture and upholstery can trigger and spread the fire very quickly. 

Vent hood cleaning is a necessary part of the overall kitchen hygiene. Whether is performed by your staff, yourself or hired professionals, a frequent, thorough cleaning in accordance with the National Fire Protection Association specifications is mandatory for numerous reasons, some of which are:

  • Neglecting the kitchen’s maintenance may incur penalties and expensive fines. It’s not only risky for your employees and guests but can also cause your license to be suspended.
  • The buildup grease in vent hoods and exhaust systems is a fire hazard. Grease fires endanger the life of staff and clients as well as cause material losses that can be very expensive.
  • Having a clean kitchen helps you save money. If avoiding fines and potential closures isn’t enough, keeping the exhaust systems clean also increases the lifespan of its components and saves you from buying costly replacements or making long-term repairs.
  • Letting the grease build up can lead to blockages and damage to components.

Regular cleaning is essential to ensure that there is no grease buildup in the vents and hoods of the kitchen ventilation system. Check out ProTech Vent Hood Cleaning services. We have over 35 years of experience in the field. Our experts will take care of all the exhaust systems with impeccable results. Our 24/7 response team will be happy to help, just contact us.