thawing your frozen pipes texas

How to thaw your frozen pipes

You wake up one winter day and start shoveling snow from the entrance…in Texas? It has been a hard frost season and the only thing you want right now is a hot cup of tea. You turn on a faucet for water and… only a few drops come out. Turns out, you’ve got frozen pipes.

This can be extremely dangerous for your pipes, as water expands and makes the tubes burst if measures are not taken soon. If you find yourself with your water pipelines already frozen, don’t panic! We will show you some things you can do to solve this problem with no damage.

To begin with, open the faucet and let the water run out. This will help melt the ice in the pipes. Plus, keeping the water flowing can prevent it from freezing again.

You can also apply heat to the pipes with a hairdryer, heating pads or towels soaked in hot water to melt the ice inside. This is a particularly good measure to restore water pressure as soon as possible. Just keep applying heat until water pressure is fully restored. But be careful, never apply a direct flame on the pipes or they will get damaged!

If you have done the last two things for a while and water pressure does not come back to normal, maybe there is another connected pipeline that is still frozen. Try locating it by following the pipeline system and opening the faucets that connect with each section to find the source of the problem.

If there are any hard-to-reach pipes, the best option is to call an expert. Licensed plumbers are certified and trained to help you solve this issues and it is better to call a professional when things get particularly complicated.

These are just some tips you can use to take out the harsh winter away from your in-door water system. Nevertheless, most of these problems can be avoided if your pipelines are properly insulated and protected against low temperatures.

Do you want to insulate your home or repair an already burst pipe? We are here to help. Contact us now to protect or repair your frozen pipes!