How to organize a commercial kitchen

How to organize a commercial kitchen

Any commercial kitchen should be simple, efficient and easy to manage with flexibility. Good organization is one of the key foundations for any commercial kitchen to run smoothly and make your profits go up. After you have purchased your kitchen equipment - your first...

The commercial kitchen safety checklist

The commercial kitchen safety checklist

Cooking is fun and dangerous. There are so many Final Destination-like scenarios that can go down in a kitchen. That’s why it is important that you, whether you are a restaurant manager or owner, prevent any potential hazards from occurring. Here is the ultimate...

flood damage repair houston

Consequences of a bad flood damage response

A kitchen flood is a dreadful experience. From the moment you set foot on the kitchen floor, panic is the first thing that comes into mind: soaked appliances, drenched cabinets, your belongings floating adrift and you watch the scene with disbelief as you try to solve the whole situation without slipping on the wet floor and trying to avoid electrical hazards.

After all that awful experience is over and you finally put away your mop and towels after hours of work, you might think you solved the issue… well, not really. Water damage usually occurs suddenly and without warning, and its full consequences may develop a while after the flood damage.

The most obvious consequence is the presence of mold, which entails its own threats to the health of your family and/or employees. We have a whole article about that here. Mold proliferates in all sorts of materials and acts as an allergen that can cause serious health problems for sensitive people.

Like the mold issue isn’t terrible enough, flood damage can also cause serious structural damage, especially on porous materials like wood and drywall, where it will seep, stagnate and create a perfect environment for microbial hazards. Walls, floors and cabinets can be permanently damaged, which incurs in bigger expenses in restoration and substitution, and terrible headaches for you and your company. More so, even with the greatest of efforts, the use of specialized equipment such as industrial dehumidifiers might be necessary to get rid of the problem for good. Mops and towels and leaving the windows open won’t do the trick by themselves.

An adequate, efficient and thorough response is key to avoid long-lasting problems and greater expenses. If not dealt with the utmost care from the beginning, repercussions are very sure to be expected.

ProTech Restoration specialists understand the need to move quickly and effectively when a flood or water disaster event occurs to prevent further damage to the structures and –more importantly- your health. Our teams are well instructed in the use of industrial equipment -like dehumidifiers- and appropriate techniques to deal with the flooding without any further consequences. 

Check out ProTech Water & Flood Damage services. We have over 35 years of experience in the field. Our experts will take care of all mold-affected contents and items. Walls, ceilings and floors will also be deep cleaned and we’ll provide disinfecting services to eliminate any odor. Our 24/7 response team will be happy to help, just contact us.