How to organize a commercial kitchen

How to organize a commercial kitchen

Any commercial kitchen should be simple, efficient and easy to manage with flexibility. Good organization is one of the key foundations for any commercial kitchen to run smoothly and make your profits go up. After you have purchased your kitchen equipment - your first...

The commercial kitchen safety checklist

The commercial kitchen safety checklist

Cooking is fun and dangerous. There are so many Final Destination-like scenarios that can go down in a kitchen. That’s why it is important that you, whether you are a restaurant manager or owner, prevent any potential hazards from occurring. Here is the ultimate...

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Tips on how to find the perfect Commercial Construction Contractor

After finally making the decision to start your own business, the next step is looking for the right commercial contractor. While going after the lowest bid is always tempting, there are other aspects to consider first to avoid regretting your decision. 

Here are some tips on how to find the perfect commercial construction contractor for you

Look for effective communication and feedback

The first interview with your construction services provider will define the rest of your working relationship. Define your project goals in detail, list your priorities, establish your budget and desired schedule. In turn, your contractor must correspond with detailed information about the services offered, costs and availability, as well as to give well-informed input to guide your steps in the process. 

Don’t be afraid to ask about your contractor’s background: licensing, training, trajectory, are all factors that will help you make your final decision. As with any service provider, the main aspect to look for is expertise: a job well-done will be the result of a team that is experienced, skilled and knowledgeable, and that is going to be worth the investment. 

Ask for references

The best way to know if a contractor is worth the money is by talking to people that have worked with them before. The unbiased opinion of someone that has hired the service first hand is one of the best indicators to follow. Word of mouth and recommendations are often a reliable source in looking for the perfect company. Once they experience a quality service, clients won’t want to go back and they will likely share their experience.

Some key questions you can make to former clients of a commercial contractor are:

  • Overall experience.
  • Communication during the process.
  • Whether the project was completed on time and within budget.
  • If they would recommend the contractor or not.

Take a look at their portfolio

Every qualified contractor will have a portfolio to demonstrate their range of capabilities and projects. Take a look at the pictures to have an idea of the final results you’ll end up with if you choose to work with them.


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