Best materials for commercial kitchens

Best materials for commercial kitchens

Commercial kitchens differ from home kitchens in many aspects. To begin, the higher volume and frequency of usage in commercial kitchens makes big appliances and enough capacity for a whole team to work fluidly essential to handle all the orders. On the other hand,...

Benefits of Pre-construction Planning

Benefits of Pre-construction Planning

Building an establishment for commercial use is not an easy task. It requires a great lot of energy in dealing with designers, contractors, architects, and engineers. Oftentimes, the client has a clear vision of what they want for their business, but don’t know where...

restaurant kitchen remodel

Signs that it’s time to remodel your restaurant’s kitchen

Remodeling is a necessary stage of a restaurant’s life. Despite the reasons behind it, remodeling happens to be a great way to generate revenue. How? A better-looking and a more functional kitchen will make your customers happy, resulting in more sales.

Read on for more reasons why it’s beneficial to remodel your restaurant’s kitchen


Modern times demand modern tools, and this applies for almost everything. Same happens with your kitchen. Acquiring top-notch equipment can accelerate your level of production. More food comes out faster and more efficiently, and satisfies not only your guests, but also improves the workflow of your employees, who will be thankful to be working with good utensils in a more ergonomic environment. 


Another sign of you needing to remodel, and probably this is the most important one, is when you’re seeing that the back of house does not fulfill all the necessary safety regulations. Fire suppression systems, proper ventilation, and even floors are just some items on the checklist to pass the basic safety rules. If your kitchen is old and rusty, this can endanger your employees. This could eventually lead to an expensive trial you could have prevented if you had remodeled your restaurant’s kitchen. 


Though hidden at the back out of view, the kitchen is undoubtedly the heartbeat of a restaurant with a busy team of people rushing around with multiple orders. Keeping the kitchen well-accommodated and pleasant as a labor space will enhance productivity. Happy workers means good food, resulting in happy clients. It’s a win-win situation for your clients, your employees and you.


If you’re an extra slice of budget, you should consider spending it on your restaurant’s kitchen. And even if your budget is constrained, you can get in touch with experts who give you an informed piece of advice on the matter with a full scope of options. Remember this is also an investment, which can lead to more productivity. 


Experts in the field like us at Protech with over 35 years of experience, will take into consideration your financial situation and your preferences, to deliver a customized remodeling plan. If you still are not sure if you should go the extra mile or have some doubts on the matter, don’t hesitate and contact our team. Tap here!