2023 Trends for restaurant design

2023 Trends for restaurant design

Micro trends have made interior (restaurant) design somewhat of a difficult task because of the overwhelming number of options available in the market. However, we have pinpointed some of the top restaurant design trends of 2023 to make your restaurant functional yet...

Types of Exhaust Fans and their differences

Types of Exhaust Fans and their differences

Commercial kitchen ventilation is of utmost importance in any restaurant. It’s in charge of eliminating steam, smoke, smells and other types of waste such as grease that stem from cooking. In commercial kitchens, range hoods are large pieces of equipment composed of...

Common vent hood system problems

Common vent hood system problems

Vent hoods are just the tip of the iceberg of a more complex system composed of duct work installation, fans, a control panel, access panels and a fire suppression system. That’s why it’s easy to get caught up with several problems from different sources related to...

5 ways to improve restaurant profitability

5 ways to improve restaurant profitability

Profitability is always on the mind of restaurant owners, and there are many ways to increase it, such as a focus on infrastructure, menu, and employee training. Choose a place to start and take a look at the following tips. Optimize the prices of the plates The first...

restaurant renovation ideas after covid-19

Restaurant Renovation: Ideas for remodeling and re-adapting your restaurant after Covid-19

Covid-19 took a heavy toll on the food industry. Not only was there a temporary closure of restaurants and commercial facilities worldwide, which left many out of business, but also new mandatory measures were enforced to control the health crisis. Not everything is lost and the panorama is more hopeful than ever. And because change demands creativity, here we are to offer you some creative ideas for you to incorporate to your business to get things back on track.

How to re-adapt your restaurant after Covid-19

Check the current health measures

Your restaurant should be equipped to protect both your staff as well as your customers. Hence, the front, or dining room, and back of house, or kitchen, require equal structural reforms to abide by the new Covid-19 regulations. As an initial step, checking state and local health measures should easily guide you through this re-adaptation.

Keep everything clean

It’s especially important not only to clean surfaces, equipment, utensils, and tables, but also all groceries and food. Furthermore, you should ask your staff and your customers to use hand sanitizer and to clean their hands frequently. Hence, the installment of hand sanitizers ensures the hygiene of both staff and customers.

Provide adequate ventilation

An adequate supply of fresh air to indoor spaces where there are people present is also a way of preventing the spread of the virus. This doesn’t necessarily entail buying new ventilation equipment. Natural ventilation such as opening windows, doors and vents, can be a solution. If your space is not fully ventilated, you can acquire mechanical ventilation such as fans and ducts, or a combination of both. Some places have a CO2 monitor that controls whether the space is poorly ventilated or not. It’s important you frequently check for any poorly ventilated spaces in your premises and take steps to improve fresh air flow in these areas.

Use of masks

Workers should wear masks at all times when manipulating food, both at the back-of-house as well as at the front-of-house. In regards to customers, you could install signs indicating the applicable health rules at your establishment, such as the use of masks, especially if customers are getting near a pick-up point or the cashier. Masks should cover both nose, mouth and chin for its appropriate use. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends masks for the general public.

Distance and pick up stations

A safe social distance is one of the main preventive measures against Covid-19. Tables in the dining room should be separated by at least 3 feet apart, as well as between customers and employees, so as to avoid people being clustered against each other and reduce the chance of contracting the virus. Also, a pick-up station can serve as a way to sell more food if your indoor space is limited and/or crowded because of the implementation of these regulations.  

Care about your employees’ health

Workers who have any of the main symptoms of COVID-19, such as fever, nausea, loss of taste and/or smell, among others, or have a positive test result, should follow the public health advice to stay at home and avoid contact with other people by not attending to work.  

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