Best materials for commercial kitchens

Best materials for commercial kitchens

Commercial kitchens differ from home kitchens in many aspects. To begin, the higher volume and frequency of usage in commercial kitchens makes big appliances and enough capacity for a whole team to work fluidly essential to handle all the orders. On the other hand,...

Benefits of Pre-construction Planning

Benefits of Pre-construction Planning

Building an establishment for commercial use is not an easy task. It requires a great lot of energy in dealing with designers, contractors, architects, and engineers. Oftentimes, the client has a clear vision of what they want for their business, but don’t know where...

Remodeling your Restaurant houston

Remodeling your Restaurant: An Opportunity to Grow

Food is only part of the reason why customers choose to go to a restaurant. An experience that combines pleasant aesthetics and ambiance with delicious food and top-quality service is what attracts more customers to any establishment. 

The looks of your place are fundamental to remain a leader in the restaurant business, and as all entrepreneurs know, staying relevant is the primary concern. Keeping your restaurant up to date and maintained with the latest trends in design and appliances yields many advantages that make the investment dramatically worth it. 

For example, remodeling can offer our clients a cost-saving solution to increase sales, and a reopening will always bring excitement among communities, catching the eye of new customers or renewing the interest of old ones. In many cases, this is more effective in achieving an increase in sales than just advertising. Furthermore, uplifting the employees’ morale with new exciting features and a bright, shiny, new working environment is another way in which restaurants increase their income and consolidate their internal culture and operations.

Brand recognition is a decisive part in many remodeling projects. The appearance of your store – both interior and exterior design – leave a lasting impression on all customers and allows them to recognize your brand among the crowd. Aligning the overall design of your business with your main objectives as a company is another important point to consider: using the right design to associate your brand with feelings of positivity, happiness, warmth or even hunger may boost your operations and attract more customers.

On the other hand, the appearance of a restaurant can also have a direct impact on the way your service is perceived. Worn-out surroundings, for instance, may have a negative impact on customers by associating it with low-quality food or lack of hygiene. 

By choosing to remodel, clients can custom-tailor their improvements without paying the costs of a full-blown construction project, including specific areas that need renovating, or excluding areas that don’t. When the remodel is complete, the overall look will tie in seamlessly.

Not only restaurants, but all kinds of businesses may benefit from remodeling, such as:

  • Grocery & retail stores
  • Restaurants
  • Apartments 
  • Hotels & lodging
  • Office buildings

Covering the specific needs of each type of business to boost their operations and increase their income is our specialty.

ProTech Construction professionals can assist with analyzing and assessing different opportunities to make the biggest impact for your business. Factors such as budget, layout, and time frame of the project will be considered. Thereafter, a remodeling schedule is proposed to ensure minimal interference with your operations. ProTech construction professionals will then execute the construction plan with an emphasis on craftsmanship and quality.

There is no substitute for experience. 

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