2023 Trends for restaurant design

2023 Trends for restaurant design

Micro trends have made interior (restaurant) design somewhat of a difficult task because of the overwhelming number of options available in the market. However, we have pinpointed some of the top restaurant design trends of 2023 to make your restaurant functional yet...

Types of Exhaust Fans and their differences

Types of Exhaust Fans and their differences

Commercial kitchen ventilation is of utmost importance in any restaurant. It’s in charge of eliminating steam, smoke, smells and other types of waste such as grease that stem from cooking. In commercial kitchens, range hoods are large pieces of equipment composed of...

Common vent hood system problems

Common vent hood system problems

Vent hoods are just the tip of the iceberg of a more complex system composed of duct work installation, fans, a control panel, access panels and a fire suppression system. That’s why it’s easy to get caught up with several problems from different sources related to...

5 ways to improve restaurant profitability

5 ways to improve restaurant profitability

Profitability is always on the mind of restaurant owners, and there are many ways to increase it, such as a focus on infrastructure, menu, and employee training. Choose a place to start and take a look at the following tips. Optimize the prices of the plates The first...

how to choose restaurant location

How to pick the perfect spot for your Commercial Construction project

A commercial location can determine whether you make it or break it for your business. Many times, this is one of the key elements for your business to do well or one of the main reasons it can fail. And because it is not an easy decision to make, here are some things you should take into consideration before choosing the right spot for your commercial construction project. 

How to choose the right location

Logistics and Transportation

A good location usually has various useful establishments nearby. Although it might depend on what your project is, it’s always good for it to be in an accessible and logistical area, with easy transportation access, such as the subway or train stations, as well as supply stores or local partners.


Locating your business next to many operating businesses that sell the same product or offer the same kind of service can be detrimental. At the same time, locating your commercial project next to businesses that complement yours can be useful, increasing your brand recognition and sales.

Brand image

This is something most people don’t take into consideration. However, your location needs to embody your brand image because it is part of it! If you’re a new, hip startup, a traditional residential area may not be your best option. Try to think about the whole experience and be consistent. Remember, that this is always something consumers bear in mind: consistency. 


Before deciding where to locate your business, you should be aware of your budgetary possibilities or limitations. Certain locations require special kind of materials due to the soil, the height, and other geographical characteristics that might increase the cost of any given location. Have a budget in mind before you start planning, and research your chosen area as thoroughly as possible before starting your project.

Local Laws

There are local restrictions that may forbid you from building at your expected location. Try to do some research before choosing which site you will construct, to prevent any legal issues from occurring or to not lose time.

In any case, a contractor can be of great help to select a specific location for your specific needs, while also providing you with a commercial construction service suited to your budget and needs.

For all of the above, you can count on us at ProTech Facility Solutions in Houston, Texas. With over 35 years of experience in the business, we can help you every step of the way to bring your business to life based on solid, well-grounded decisions. Don’t hesitate to contact us for more information now!