How to organize a commercial kitchen

How to organize a commercial kitchen

Any commercial kitchen should be simple, efficient and easy to manage with flexibility. Good organization is one of the key foundations for any commercial kitchen to run smoothly and make your profits go up. After you have purchased your kitchen equipment - your first...

The commercial kitchen safety checklist

The commercial kitchen safety checklist

Cooking is fun and dangerous. There are so many Final Destination-like scenarios that can go down in a kitchen. That’s why it is important that you, whether you are a restaurant manager or owner, prevent any potential hazards from occurring. Here is the ultimate...

restaurant pre-construction planning benefits

Benefits of Pre-construction Planning

Building an establishment for commercial use is not an easy task. It requires a great lot of energy in dealing with designers, contractors, architects, and engineers. Oftentimes, the client has a clear vision of what they want for their business, but don’t know where to start or how much will it cost. That’s why pre-construction planning is essential.

What does “pre-construction planning” mean?

Pre-construction planning allows the builder to collaborate with the client, architect, and/or interior designer, to develop the scope of work early on along with the budget. It allows you to lay out the preliminary stages of the desired product, in this case a house, restaurant, store or hotel lodgings, with a clear financial panorama. The goal is to build or understand the full scope of a project and its requirements.

During the pre-construction phase, the client, design team and construction partner will plan out the essential components of the project. This will enable the builder to work closely with the client, listen to their needs, and provide pricing or budget set for the cost of the labor materials.

Why is pre-construction planning a good idea?

There are several advantages that stem from this kind of construction scheme:

First and foremost, the client will receive a custom-designed establishment, adjusted to their available budget. Usually, if the client isn’t sure of what kind of materials they want to work with, professionals in the construction field will give them several options to choose from.

This type of planning will assure the desired end result. It’s possible to make the client’s desires a reality when there’s clear information communicated to all people involved in the construction process. The client will have a more certain panorama and more involved participation in the process.

With regards to specialized attention, having an experienced team will also enable a safer construction process. Builders who have worked on both rural and urban areas will know what’s best suited for that type of landscape. This ensures both economic and material safety. This includes evaluation of the construction site, permit and inspection requirements, and any other special situations that need to be resolved before or during construction.

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